You’ll always have someone to talk to here. Our dedicated advising team’s No. 1 focus is supporting your academic success.

We don’t ever want you to feel like just another student in the system – we want you to be you. So we create relationships at the College of Business that empower students to thrive and grow.

We’ll know you by your name and by your successes and growth moments. We’ll help you discover the best choices for your education and career path. We'll make sure you know about all the opportunities available to you while you learn the ins and outs of Colorado State University and our college. 

Your advisor will be your first point of contact, providing you resources, referrals, or other tools you need to be successful both in the classroom and beyond. If you need help deciding what classes to take or when to take them, we've got you covered. Don't understand a policy, or paperwork and processes you have to complete? We can help with that, too. And while we're providing these professional services, we get to know you, so you have a safe place to come when you need help, as well a place to celebrate when things are going great.

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