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Our community partners are playing a part in helping businesses adapt

The Pivot program is focused on helping Larimer County businesses develop new strategies that can help them thrive in challenging circumstances. To accomplish this, the Pivot program has partnered with a number of community organizations, business leaders and professionals to provide access to mentorship opportunities.

Each of these mentors specializes in different areas in business, offering Pivot participants insight into how to connect to customers in new ways.

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The Larimer County Small Business Development Center 

Larimer County SBDC logo

America’s SBDC network provides business education and connection to resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs. There are over 1000 locations nationwide, with fifteen operating centers in Colorado. All SBDCs receive guidance and significant funding from the federal Small Business Administration (SBA).  

The Larimer Colorado SBDC opened in 1988 and has been hosted and significantly sponsored by Front Range Community College for 33 years. Their 40 consultants give experienced advice for about 1000 clients annually.  We conduct 100 workshops annually. 

The Larimer County SBDC offers confidential one-on-one consulting by accredited experienced consultants and a wide range of useful classes and workshops.  Programs are offered for both existing small-business owners, and individuals seeking to start a business. All programming is currently virtual.

Eligibility for Larimer County SBDC Services

The Larimer SBDC assists a wide range of “main street” businesses. Here are their industry-specific focus areas:

  • Restaurant / Food Products
  • Health and Wellness
  • Creatives                                                                                            
  • Retail
  • Service Businesses / Small Manufacturers   
  • Non-Profits

The Music District 

The Music District Logo

Mickey Davis, Business of Music Manager at The Music District, can assist musicians, music organizations, and music entrepreneurs in navigating the current state of the music industry and building sustainable careers in music.

Topics covered include budgeting and bookkeeping, diversifying revenue, and marketing. Mickey also offers specialized consulting for music nonprofits and entrepreneurs dealing with organizational management and sustainability. In addition, the Music District manages a virtual coworking environment for those in the music industry, and they invite any PIVOT participants to join that community.

Eligibility for Music District Services

While primarily for those in the music industry, Music District staff will also meet with artists and arts organizations in any media.

The Warehouse Business Accelerator 

The Warehouse Business Accelerator Logo

The Warehouse Business Accelerator matches Northern Colorado manufacturers and technology companies with mentors for custom, industry-specific support in identifying and evaluating business model and product line pivots. We provide assistance with core strategy, finance, market analysis, supply chains, facilities, team culture and channel development. Manufacturing industry experts are available to help assess your capabilities and identify what market opportunities are strongest for you. Our partner network also consults to develop detailed action plans, training, new workflows and procedures, and can help you implement a system to stay agile for future changes.

Eligibility for Warehouse Business Accelerator Services

The Warehose Business Accelerator works with manufacturing or technology-driven businesses; existing revenue-generating products or services; national/international market focus.

The Online Restaurant Academy 

Online Restaurant Academy Logo

The Online Restaurant Academy, also known as ORA, is a virtual coaching platform, designed to level up restaurant businesses through proven planning and processing tools to increase their bottom line. ORA was founded by two local women restaurateurs with over 20+ years of combined restaurant experience offering a different business consulting approach- real, relatable and current knowledge. Alongside their 8 week academy program they offer a one-on-one mentorship option consulting on all things restaurant and includes topics such as mindset transformation, leadership confidence, P&L analysis, Covid survival tips, menu costing and design, staff training, guest retention, marketing strategies, creating additional revenue streams and so much more.

Eligibility for Online Restaurant Academy Services

Participants must own a restaurant business or in the startup phase of opening a restaurant.