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The 'Room of the Future' Comes to the College of Business

In the spring of 2019, the College of Business invited alumni, friends, and partners to the unveiling of Mosaic, the “room of the future.” This groundbreaking technology enables remote students to participate in real-time classroom experiences and is fundamental to the College’s mission to expand access to high-quality business education.

Mosaic blends classroom and online education into one seamless learning experience.

Friends of the College who gathered in 118 Rockwell West, which houses Mosaic, were greeted by Dean Beth Walker, who welcomed them and described the transformational tool they were about to experience. Then, with a click of a mouse, the static screens at the back of the room were suddenly populated with live video feeds of volunteer “students” joining the classroom from places as close as Rockwell North and as far away as Arizona. Assisted by executives from, the company that created the technology that fuels Mosaic and dubbed it the “room of the future,” Walker led the assembled group through the technology’s features.

At its core, Mosaic is an innovative system that lets online learners attend and participate in live lectures, becoming active classroom contributors from the comfort of their own homes and offices. With Mosaic, online students can participate in classes in real time, asking questions of professors and engaging in group discussions with peers. It elevates the classroom experience and makes learning interactive for all students, both those in the classroom and those online.

“That’s the real power of Mosaic – its ability to create connection and deepen learning for students from all walks of life to make the CSU College of Business’s top-ranked business degrees attainable no matter where they may live or work,” Walker said.

The Power of Mosaic

Staying true to its mission to expand access to business education, the College of Business is using Mosaic to engage with more students in more innovative ways. The technology is highly scalable: the 27 high-definition screens can accommodate up to 80 students, and with its chat, group discussion, and polling features, Mosaic is also highly immersive. Some of its engagement capabilities include:

•  Raising your hand and asking questions in real time
•  Connecting with professional peers using native chat features
•  Participating in live polls with everyone on and off campus during the lecture
•  Breaking out into virtual rooms for group work, discussions, and more

These powerful collaboration tools enable online students to fully engage in their courses by communicating with others in their class and expanding their networking relationships.


“We are in the business of transforming lives, and Mosaic helps us continue that tradition. Online students can now experience the classroom in real time and collaborate on projects, share ideas, and move concepts forward.” – Dean Beth Walker

A New Way to MBA

With Mosaic, the College will be the first U.S. business school to offer MBA students the choice of taking classes on campus, on demand, or in real time online in one seamless classroom experience. Starting in Fall 2020, students can choose the delivery method that best suits their needs and schedule.

Coming This Fall: Executive Education

This fall, new executive education programming will be available on campus and through Mosaic to professionals, independent businesses, corporations, and nonprofits around the country. Two-day courses will be taught by highly accomplished instructors on topics ranging from design thinking and data privacy to sustainability and financial fundamentals. Ultimately, this new programming will provide learners with targeted, just-in-time skills to positively impact their organizations and advance their career interests.


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