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Dean Beth Walker

Impacting Policy and Practice Through Research

Our vision to use business as a “force for good” takes many forms in CSU’s College of Business. Through research, we not only influence corporate and public policy, but also provide business leaders with tools and frameworks to pursue their missions more effectively and efficiently. I am proud to share selections of our faculty’s recent research that promises to have lasting impact. We also  highlight the work of a faculty member recently honored for her contributions to the marketing discipline.

- Dean Beth Walker

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A woman leads her team in a meeting

Managing the double bind: Women directors’ participation tactics in the gendered boardroom

Organization Science |  Tiffany Trzebiatowski, PhD

A rare qualitative study that included interviews more than 40 of women directors of publicly traded companies found that female directors must still manage the double bind in board interactions – though they take new tactics in response to their role on the board.

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A social media influencer speaks to a camera

Influencer marketing effectiveness

Journal of Marketing | Jonathan Zhang, PhD

Many brands rely on influencers, social media personalities who cultivate large followings, to connect with customers, but little is known about that strategy's efficacy. Using proprietary platform data to track impact, researchers crack the black box and identify what characteristics make for a successful influencer campaign.

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A remote worker sits and looks at her laptop

Surviving remotely: How job control and loneliness during a forced shift to remote work impacted employee work behaviors and well-being

Human Resource Management | Samantha Conroy, PhD

It’s common knowledge that the abrupt shift to remote work due to COVID-19 impacted employee well-being, but Samantha Conroy wanted to know more. Her findings give HR professionals insights on mitigating counterproductivity and better supporting employees.

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Three colleagues converse in the office

The temporal phase structure of team interaction under asymmetric information distribution: The solution fixation trap

Journal of Organizational Behavior  |  Mary Waller, PhD

It’s long been known that sharing data leads to better outcomes in team decision-making, but avoiding solution-fixation and focusing on analysis and discussion is just as important for successful team dynamics insight into problem-solving scenarios finds.

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Kelly Martin

Marketing department faculty receives Sheth Foundation Award

In recognition of the long-term impact of “Data Privacy: Effects on Customer and Firm Performance,” Kelly Martin received the 2022 Sheth Foundation/Journal of Marketing. The award is presented annually to the most influential research published by the journal over the previous five years.

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