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 Fri September 18, 2020

Through her coursework as an MBA student at CSU, Amy Carpenter found another title to add to dental hygienist and business consultant: CEO of OrthoGum.

 Thu September 10, 2020

In his new role as associate dean of graduate programs at the College of Business, Travis Maynard is using his knowledge of what it takes to create effective teams to build on the College’s top-ranked graduate programs.

 Wed September 9, 2020

To encourage and develop entrepreneurship in youth from around Colorado and the country, the College of Business’s Institute for Entrepreneurship is creating new programs for middle- and high-school students. Through innovative, immersive classes and workshops, the Institute is helping these students and their teachers realize their dreams – and their potential.

 Thu September 3, 2020

Before Angelina Howard rose to serve as president of Amazon’s Black Employee Network and began helping the company direct its recent $27 million donation to community organizations fighting injustice and supporting members of the Black community, she was a CSU student trying to figure out how to make a difference.

 Wed September 2, 2020

Although many companies view supplier diversity initiatives as investments in corporate social responsibility and not the bottom line, they have a net positive effect on both. New research from the College of Business’s Jonathan Zhang demonstrates that by increasing competition, supplier diversity initiatives benefit both diverse small suppliers and the companies they supply, as well as their customers.

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