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 Wed June 29, 2022

The Big Four accounting firms are spotting more opportunity in providing companies with general accounting instead of audit services. As they transition clients from one service to the other in order to comply with federal regulation, smaller firms may have more opportunities in the audit market, research from the accounting department’s Liz Cowle finds.

 Mon June 27, 2022

Rezaie is a scholar with The Fulbright Program, an ultramarathon runner, and the first Afghan woman to complete an Ironman triathlon. She is motivated and passionate, and as she nears the completion of her MBA, Rezaie is focused on figuring out how she can empower the women and girls back home.

 Wed June 22, 2022

The larger the cultural distance between an investor’s home country and the country in which they invest, the worse the investment performs, finds new research coming from the Department of Finance and Real Estate. The research by Hilla Skiba identifies new challenges in cross-national diversification for active investment strategies.

 Thu June 16, 2022

Steve Rosenberg is mentoring the next generation of accounting students through a scholarship and personal connections.

 Mon June 13, 2022

CSU College of Business alum Katie Bessert has managed to turn van life into a full-time career. Here’s a look at what she does in the industry, and her tips for turning something you love into a full-time career.

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7/12/2022, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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Benefiting the Everitt Real Estate Center and real estate students at CSU