Impact MBA where purpose & profit meet
Impact MBA where purpose & profit meet
Impact MBA where purpose & profit meet

Become a force for change

CSU’s College of Business Impact MBA is a Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows partner


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Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV) who receive a Coverdell Fellows scholarship will qualify for an assistantship for two semesters, health insurance for two semesters and a stipend for two semesters.

Become a force for change

As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, you know there is so much good to be done. RPCVs are ideal candidates for our 16-month Impact MBA program, which is one of the most impactful sustainable and social programs in the U.S. You’ll learn the transferable business skills, methods and tools to create social enterprises or to make the business case for sustainability projects. 

Two paths for impact

For those familiar with our Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA (GSSE MBA), the Impact MBA is the expansion of that program into two tracks, giving you a choice of specialized coursework. The Impact MBA offers the same foundational business core for both tracks infused with social, economic and environmental practices and methods. 

Track 1 – Social Entrepreneurship: This track reflects the unique experience of our legacy GSSE program and teaches entrepreneurial-minded professionals how to start a business from the ground up with a focus on a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. 

Track 2 – Corporate Sustainability: Our Corporate Sustainability track enables you to make the business case for sustainability projects and influence change from within an existing organization. This track teaches you the science behind sustainability so you can incorporate solutions based on a triple bottom line with courses in greenhouse gas management, climate change and lifecycle resource management. 

Following application and acceptance into the program, our team will help you determine the track that will best strengthen your ability use business to create a better world. 

Learn by doing

The Impact MBA centers on either a practicum or internship, giving you real-world, authentic experiences to deepen the expertise gained in the classroom. 

Track 1 – Social Entrepreneurship: Experience a 40-60 day practicum, where you will travel with your team to fill in the gaps of your new business plan right in the middle of the population in most need of its creative solutions.

Track 2 – Corporate Sustainability: Engage in a fellowship where you’ll partner with an existing business to work through a new or existing sustainability project. You’ll gain first-hand experience assessing, navigating and influencing organizational change.

Early application and partnership benefits

In addition to the limited Coverdell Fellows awards and no application fee, we offer graduate assistantships and scholarships to offset the cost of tuition.
The program starts in annually in August. The on-campus experience will follow COVID-19 regulations.

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