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CSU’s College of Business Impact MBA is an Organization of American States partner

There is so much good to be done

You already have the passion – we give you the business skills and hands-on experience to make a difference. Whether you’re transforming ideas into profitable, social and sustainable business ventures or you’re influencing change within an organization, “the good MBA” helps you get there.

Make the most impact

Within the Impact MBA, you’ll the gain transferable and foundational business skills to take effective roles or create organizations that combine purpose and profit. 

Choose from two track options

You’ll choose the Social Entrepreneurship or Corporate Sustainability track after application and acceptance into the program. Our team will help you determine the track that best maximizes your abilities to find solutions to complex challenges and apply market-based approaches to causes that matter to you.

Track 1: Social Entrepreneurship​
You’ll build social enterprises that balance purpose and profit and address global challenges.
Track 2: Corporate Sustainability
You’ll learn the science behind sustainability, which will enable you to make the business case for sustainability projects within an organization.

Real-world experience that matters

The centerpiece of this unique, 16-month program is the practicum (social entrepreneurship track) or fellowship (corporate sustainability track). In both tracks, you’ll have the opportunity to put the latest theories to the test and directly apply business methods and sustainable practices to existing challenges. 

You’ll develop the enhanced leadership, teamwork and business skills necessary to identify and create opportunities focused on the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. 

The on-campus experience will follow COVID-19 regulations.

Benefit from early application and our OAS partnership

After acceptance into the Impact MBA, you will be eligible for OAS scholarships in addition to other graduate assistantships, scholarships, and fellowships to offset the cost of tuition. There is no application fee for OAS applicants. 

The program starts annually in August. 

Request information using the form above to get started. 

After you are accepted into the Impact MBA program, if you are a citizen or legal resident of one of the Organization of American States (OAS) countries outside of the U.S., you can apply to OAS to receive the Global Partnership Award and receive 1/3 off the non-resident base tuition per semester. 

Separately, you may be considered for the Organization of American States $50,000 scholarship (not in addition to the 1/3 tuition award). Request information using the form on this page and we will reach out and guide you through the process. 

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