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The Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise MBA at Colorado State University is an Organization of American States partner

After you are accepted into the Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA program, if you are a citizen or legal resident of one of the Organization of American States (OAS) countries outside of the US, you can also apply to OAS to receive the Global Partnership Award and receive 1/3 off the non-resident base tuition per semester. Separately, you may be considered for the Organization of American States $50,000 scholarship (not in addition to the 1/3 tuition award). Request information using the form on this page and we will reach out and guide you through the process. 

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There is so much good to be done

You already have the passion – we give you the tools to make a difference. Our objective is to empower social entrepreneurs to transform their basic product ideas and proposals into profitable, social, and sustainable business ventures.

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Make the most impact

When you join this program, you join one of the best and most impactful social enterprise programs in the U.S. You’ll learn how to create and operate ventures that have the power to find solutions to the most complex global challenges. You’ll apply market-based approaches to causes that matter to you.

Experience that matters

The centerpiece of this unique, 16-month program is our summer practicum in which student teams develop enterprise solutions and travel to the field to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom.

Take the best of the experience you already have and prepare for whatever comes next. Get started by requesting information using the form above.

Ask about the OAS scholarships in addition to other graduate assistantships, scholarships, fellowships and more to offset the cost of tuition.

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