We're excited to have an in-person campus experience this fall. Get additional information from College and University sources using the information below. 

Campus COVID-19 Information
Vaccine screening:  covid.colostate.edu/screening
  • On-campus vaccination clinics
COVID-19 Reporter:  covid.colostate.edu/reporter

  • Self-report symptoms or positive test
  • Report environmental concerns

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College of Business COVID-19 Information

  • Questions about College of Business policies and procedures

College of Business Academic Advising

  • Academic advising and support

College of Business Career Management Center

  • Career counseling services

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CSU Health and Medical Center
(970) 491-7121

  • Testing and medical services for COVID-19

CSU Online Learning Resources

  • Information about Canvas, Microsoft Teams, internet access, digital textbooks and more

CSU Office of the Registrar

  • Add/drop deadlines, course withdrawal deadlines information on tuition/fees