Instructional Technology

Technology is a critical component of the College’s public health and social distancing plans, and we have made considerable investments in our infrastructure to support a learning experience in Fall 2020.

All Business classrooms are equipped with cameras and microphones to allow online students a similar experience to the classroom, and instructional designers have worked with faculty to maximize the online learning experience. While faculty may implement platforms that best suit their courses’ needs, the College of Business relies heavily on three platforms.

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The University's access point for all online coursework

Used across CSU, Canvas is the University’s primary learning management system. It serves as a centralized hub for each of your courses and provides additional details about technology chosen to support the course.

To standardize the Canvas experience, the College of Business worked with instructional designers to develop a standardized structure for our courses in Canvas. By providing a similar experience in every class, students can focus on coursework and learning, minimizing barriers for online learning, including:

  • On your device: Connect to coursework on a desktop or a through Canvas Mobile
  • Assessments: Complete tests and quizzes online.
  • Coursework: Submit papers, projects and other assignments securely.
  • Additional course materials: Download and view lecture notes, presentations and more.

Your Canvas login is your CSU ename.



The College's interactive learning platform

Mosaic is a video collaboration technology designed for interactive learning. Mosaic lets online students view live classes and interact with instructors and on-campus peers in real time. Strategically placed cameras show online students every angle of the classroom, so you'll feel like you’re part of the on-campus experience.

When participating in classes on Mosaic, you can:

  • Raise your hand: Ask questions of faculty in real time.
  • Chat: Connect with with your peers in chat rooms.
  • Give feedback: Participate in live classroom polls and discussions.
  • Do group work: Break into virtual discussion rooms for group work and more.



Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

All CSU students receive free access to Office 365, which includes Microsoft Teams, a versatile communications and collaboration platform​

  • Virtual classrooms: Attend lectures and participate in real time, chat with faculty during office hours, or watch recorded lectures on demand.
  • File storage: Easily share files with your classmates and collaborate on them in Office 365 ProPlus.
  • Calendar: Keep all your schedules and deadlines in one spot in a calendar that integrates with Outlook.  
  • Chat: Talk about coursework with classmates or instructors in a text chat – or convert it to an audio or video call when you need to talk in person.

Your Microsoft Teams login is This login is not the same as your CSU email address.

Depending upon a course’s needs, faculty may also incorporate other platforms into the online learning experience, including Zoom, Google apps and others. Faculty select additional and alternative learning platforms to best enhance course content and class structures.