Dear College of Business students,

The College of Business has reimagined what it means for our undergraduate and graduate students to be attending the College in light of COVID-19.

First and foremost, I want you to know that the health and well-being of our students, faculty and staff is of the utmost importance. We have worked with the broader CSU campus to create innovative learning and teaching solutions that keep our community healthy while delivering the top-quality educational experience you expect. We understand that it will take time to get comfortable with social distancing on campus and the new approaches to learning we have developed. The College of Business faculty and staff are exceptional, and we are all committed to making your fall semester as engaging as ever.

We know you have questions about Fall Semester 2020 and have designed this website especially for College of Business students to provide answers! In these pages, you will find answers to the many questions you have asked regarding this semester. Click through to find information about how fall classes are being delivered, the technologies we're using to create engaging classroom experiences and the measures we're taking to protect your health on campus.

Many of your questions are related to campus, more generally. You can find information about housing and dining, athletics, events and more on CSU’s COVID-19 website. This website, as well as the College of Business pages, will be updated as new information becomes available.

We are especially excited to see you on campus as we navigate this new learning landscape together. The entire College of Business community – faculty, academic advisors, career counselors and me – are here to support your success and help you thrive.  

Beth Walker

Dean, College of Business


Undergraduate Resources

Undergraduate Student Resources


Graduate Resources

Graduate Student Resources


The Fall 2020 semester began as scheduled Aug. 24. Rather than returning to campus following Thanksgiving, the final three weeks of the semester (Nov. 30-Dec. 18) will be held entirely online. Students will not need to be present in Fort Collins to complete the semester. Visit the University’s COVID-19 recovery page for the latest information on the Fall 2020 semester.