Celebrating the achievements of our Biz Rams

The College of Business invites graduating students, their friends and family and the CSU community to celebrate the academic achievements of the class of Spring 2021.

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Spring 2021 College of Business Commencement

As a College of Business student, you made your time at Colorado State University your own. The classes you took, the friendships you made and the faculty you connected with all helped to guide you to this moment. Commencement is your opportunity to recognize and celebrate your time at the College of Business.

This year, we invite you and your friends and family to celebrate with us virtually. Graduates can take part in the virtual commencement ceremony, share the digital party pack, and follow along on social media to share their achievements with fellow graduates.

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Virtual commencement celebrations

Enjoy these virtual commencement ceremonies.

College of Business Undergraduate Commencement - Spring 2021

College of Business Graduate Commencement - Spring 2021

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Spring 2021 Outstanding Graduates

College of Business students know that through commitment, compassion and community, they can use business to create a better world. The Outstanding Graduates for Spring 2021 made the most of every opportunity presented to them and even made a few of their own.

[CSU] is a land-grant institute and focused on business for good, so those ethics and conscious capitalism were fused into so many of my courses. That just made me feel like everything that I learn here is just going to help me uplift other people in the future.

Outstanding Grad: Sierra Ladin

“I am excited to keep learning, and just get back into the professional world to take what I’ve learned and apply it, taking everything from theory into reality.”

Outstanding Grad: Jason Bennett

When I walked down the Oval and got to that stage... I was filled with such pride. Going to college part time with a full-time career, I reflected on the achievement of my lifelong goal in finishing my degree [and] graduating with distinction....

Outstanding Grad: Lorna Holmes

“I wanted to find a place that would set me up for after college. CSU has done that for me.”

Outstanding Grad: Jacob Altgilbers