Learning from the Otter Products legal team

Why attend?

Students take part in an Institute for Entrepreneurship event

As an entrepreneur, you can learn, build and – hopefully – make money with your businesses. But, it takes time to think through the complexities of how to protect your venture, especially when starting up. 

Join the Otter Products Legal Team for an interactive discussion on the legal and business issues related to entrepreneurship, intellectual property and protecting a business.  

Venture Works: IP, Patents and Contracts Demystified is free and open to all CSU students, staff, faculty, alumni and community partners. 

Pizza and drinks will be provided. Please come prepared to get hands-on and learn!

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Guest Speakers: 

Karen Douglas: Associate General Counsel, Otter Products
Patrick Bickley: Patent Attorney, Otter Products 

Come to this workshop and learn: 

  • How the Otter Products team tackles legal protections
  • The different types of IP, and when you need them
  • When to apply for a patent, and how long it takes
  • Why contracts are important and when you need them
  • The components of a successful contract
  • Best practices in setting up IP, patents and contracts
  • Ask experts your questions!  

About Venture Works

Venture Works is a series of reoccuring workshops designed to inspire and support aspiring CSU entrepreneurs. These workshops introduce individuals to the entrepreneurial mindset and foster knowledge of critical factors for success. 

Institute for Entrepreneurship

Venture Works is organized by the Institute for Entrepreneurship, which is committed to empowering aspiring CSU entrepreneurs from any discipline, offering no-cost business mentoring, educational opportunities and student support. Visit the Institute's webpage for more details on how you can become an entrepreneur and grow your business.


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