Grassroots marketing initiatives for the bootstrap budget

Why attend?

Students take part in an Institute for Entrepreneurship event

Creating a new, scalable venture is a challenging and complex task. Venture Works: Startup Workshop is free and open to all CSU students, staff, faculty, alumni and community partners. This workshop provides the knowledge and tools to help build business skill sets and grow your entrepreneurial company. Come to this workshop and learn:

  • Elements of a startup marketing strategy
  • Customer segments and archetypes
  • Grassroots and bootstrap marketing initiatives

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About Venture Works

Venture Works is a series of reoccuring workshops designed to inspire and support aspiring CSU entrepreneurs. These workshops introduce individuals to the entrepreneurial mindset and foster knowledge of critical factors for success. 

Upcoming workshops include:

  • Making Your First Sale
  • Raising Money with Crowdfunding

Institute for Entrepreneurship

Venture Works is organized by the Institute for Entrepreneurship, which is committed to empowering aspiring CSU entrepreneurs from any discipline, offering no-cost business mentoring, educational opportunities and student support. Visit the Institute's webpage for more details on how you can become an entrepreneur and grow your business.


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