What is the real price of products we buy?

When we see something at a store or online, if we love it and if we can afford it, we think, "Oh, I should get this." Generally we assume: "It is good for me. It is good for business. So why not buy it?"

But is it, really? When we pay what is on the price tag, are we really paying the "real price" of the product? Come, watch, and discuss the amazing documentary True Cost with us.

One person who engages in the discussion afterward will earn a $20 Starbucks gift card!

Moderator: Tuba Ustuner is an associate professor at the College of Business who has received numerous awards for her excellence in research and teaching. Tuba is originally from Turkey. She received her doctorate from Harvard Business School and has a master's degree in sociology from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Texas Tech University.

This event is part of the College of Business Social Justice Workshop.


116 Rockwell West (Bohemian Auditorium)