Learn about the United States' obsession with consumption and how it impacts the world.

We are obsessed with consumption, from new clothes to fancy gadgets. Having the latest and greatest has become engrained in our U.S. population, but this consumption has global impact. In fact, one child born in the U.S. will have more of an effect on the environment than 35 people in India and 53 people in China. New research suggests that consumption behavior is more of a social problem than an individual one.

Dr. Bruno Sobral, director of the One Health Institute, will explore addiction outside of its normal paradigm of alcohol and drugs, instead focusing on consumption as an addiction. Overconsumption is increasingly common in our globalized world, often coupled to the same concerning habits as drugs and alcohol. Dr. Sobral will address how systems thinking can help us understand addiction and how community-based solutions to solve addiction may prove to be the most successful.


116 Rockwell West (Bohemian Auditorium)