Part of the Executive Education series, this course will teach you about maximizing deal value.


When: April 26, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
Registration: Online by April 12. Course number: BSLL 3029
Where: CSU Denver Center, Executive Education Center, 475 17th St., Second Floor Atrium, Denver
Program Fee: $1,000, or $850 if you register before Feb. 24. Contact us for group or alumni discounts.
Includes: All instruction, continental breakfasts, coffee breaks, and course materials
Instructor: Timothy Galpin, Ph.D.

What You'll Learn

Globalization and economic or strategic barriers to organic growth are driving many companies to turn to mergers and acquisitions, yet most deals don’t achieve their intended goals. When done well, firms that do merge or acquire will not only achieve but also surpass their projected strategic, financial, and operational goals. Based on Tim Galpin’s best-selling book, The Complete Guide to Mergers & Acquisitions, and his 20-plus years of working on mergers and acquisitions with companies around the globe, this course helps participants understand and apply the best practices throughout the merger and acquisition process.

This one-day course will enable participants to not only execute deals, but to also achieve deal success. Drawing on examples of successful as well as unsuccessful transactions, participants will learn what works best and what to avoid from the early stages of formulating the merger and acquisition strategy. It will take participants through the entire transaction process, from locating potential target firms to ultimately integrating the firms’ people, processes, and systems to realize the maximum value from transactions. Participants will walk away with practical knowledge of a diverse range of merger and acquisition tools, techniques, and best practices to drive growth for their business.

Who Should Attend

Directors, “C-level” executives, and board members whose firms are currently pursuing an M&A strategy or planning to conduct M&As in the future.

Session Topics

  • M&A dynamics, risks, and common pitfalls
  • The eight-stage Deal Flow Model
  • Conducting effective due diligence (DD), Including human capital and cultural DD
  • Integrating firms’ people, processes, and systems to maximize deal value
  • Effective M&A communications
  • Synergy capture prioritization
  • Cultural comparison and integration
  • Retention and “re-recruitment” of key talent
  • Enterprise-wide integration project management
  • Creating an integration project infrastructure
  • Ongoing M&A integration decision-making
  • M&A measurement and results reporting
  • Successful and unsuccessful M&A case examples
  • Key M&A success factors


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CSU Denver Center, Executive Education Center, Second Floor Atrium, Denver