Anjanette Mosebar

Vice President, Human Resources, UC Health
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Ms. Anjanette Mosebar is vice president of Human Resources for the northern region of UCHealth’s Colorado Front Range health system comprised of leading community hospitals and the top academic medical center.

Ms. Mosebar joined UCHealth in April 2006. As VP, she is responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction for UCHealth’s northern region and UCHealth’s Medical Group, the multi-specialty medical team that serves UCHealth’s clinics in northern, southern and western Colorado and southeastern Wyoming.

She has led the HR functions for UCHealth’s Medical Group since its formation in 2010 and expanded her role to the entire northern region in 2012. She was named VP in 2015.

Ms. Mosebar’s human resources career has included leadership roles at Northern Arizona University and Colorado State University where she helped develop high-caliber HR organizations that support business strategy, productivity and profitability. 

Ms. Mosebar received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology with a focus on Latino studies from Colorado State University. She received a master's degree in Education, specializing in Human Resources Development from Colorado State University.