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Our faculty produce research that's making a difference

The Center for Marketing and Social Impact is dedicated to advancing marketing's societal contributions and producing valued, respected research that makes a difference. Faculty members as well as research partners are engaging with a variety of topics and fields and exploring how marketing can contribute to them. Some of the topics our faculty addressed recently include:

  • Business and Marketing Regulatory Environment
  • Cigarette and e-Cigarette Use and Prevention
  • Consumer Financial Well-Being
  • Data Privacy
  • Food Well-Being
  • Global Poverty and Consumption Adequacy
  • Nutrition Labeling
  • Purpose-Oriented Organizations
  • Stakeholder Marketing

The work and research being done by faculty in the Center do not exist in a vacuum. Instead, it’s being incorporated into classrooms and courses, enhancing the student experience and creating a culture of giving within the Department of Marketing. It’s also being applied in boardrooms and in marketing campaigns for leading organizations throughout the country.

Recent Publications

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