By Griffin Moores

Abby Lawson and her award-winning design

Abby Lawson designed the College of Business' winning beer label, picking a name and detailing the idea behind the concept with help from her husband, Thomas Lawson.

Stalwart Golden Ale. That’s the name of the recently debuted brew built from the ground up by business and fermentation science students on Odell Brewing Company’s new pilot system.

The College of Business led the collaborative effort to celebrate its 50th anniversary and to thank the thousands of alumni who have contributed to the success of the college. Students and graduates from colleges across Colorado State University were also invited to submit their ideas for a name, label design, and idea behind the concept.

Abby Lawson’s striking illustration incorporating the Rocky Mountains, Aggies A, and a proud ram, bubbled to the top. The 2011 CSU graduate studied graphic design and works as a web designer in Denver, bringing her strong sense of aesthetics to the project.

“Going to school at CSU I’ve always loved Odell’s, and all of the breweries in Fort Collins, so I was really excited to try it out,” said Abby, who heard about the contest from a friend in the College of Business.

Abby spent hours researching the label style and estimates it took around 15 hours from start to finish to complete the design with the help of her husband, Thomas Lawson. While she was working on the project, Abby looked forward to getting off work with a little extra anticipation so she could go home and make progress on the illustration.

So hearing the news that her design won the contest – and becoming a part of the group’s effort – was a thrill.

Abby and Thomas Lawson's label concept

To commemorate the golden anniversary of the College of Business at Colorado State University we’ve created a delicious brew that pays homage to the dedicated people who make the COB successful. Stalwart Golden Ale is proudly brewed with 100% Colorado-sourced ingredients, including hops grown on campus at CSU. Just like the COB, you’ll find this beer to be refreshing, innovative, and of superior quality. We invite you to enjoy this Golden Ale while reflecting on the many accomplishments of the College of Business and its more than 27,000 loyal alumni. Cheers to an incredible 50 years!

“I’ve seen a lot of collaboration with CSU and other Fort Collins establishments and companies and I think it just shows that small town feel that Fort Collins can have,” said Abby.

“Having all the disciplines work together makes a more rounded product and it makes it a little bit more fun,” Abby added with a laugh.

CSU students harvest hops with Doug Odell

Kimberly Mashek harvests hydroponically grown hops alongside Doug Odell, co-founder of Odell Brewing Company, on August 17, 2016.

Kimberly Mashek, a College of Business MBA student, was one of the project members, helping to brew and pick out the 100% Colorado-sourced ingredients that ended up in the ale.

"Everybody I know loves beer," said Kimberly, who also studied in the College of Business' Beverage Business Institute. "If it's coming from a place where you went to school and got your degree, whether it be an undergrad or graduate program, that just makes you excited."

The four finalists in the competition were tested by Nielsen, a market research company, against established brands. All of the designs scored high marks for their unique approaches, with some outperforming traditional companies.

The finalists also included: Jackie and Katie O’Hara (Rockwell's Golden Laurel - A Celebration Ale); Bryce Kelley, Joe Menaugh, and Jeff Riley (Stalwart Anniversary Ale); and Greg and Katie Ewing (Jubilee Golden Ale).

Pint glasses and other Stalwart merchandise can be found at the CSU bookstore.
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