By Griffin Moores

Taylor Hill portrait on campus

During her summer internship with Arrow Electronics, a Fortune 150 company based out of Centennial, Colorado, Taylor Hill joined a team of more than 100 other interns – and 18,000 employees – spread across the globe. 

Working in the human resources department of such a large and complex organization has given Taylor, a College of Business senior, a unique opportunity to learn about how the company operates, and how the work differs from her first internship at a small finance company.

“It’s like a really open door policy. You can basically ask to sit in on any meeting or talk to anyone and they’re really receptive to it,” said Taylor, who has spent time shadowing executives and vice presidents.

“They’ll take you to lunch and just sit down and talk to you about your position and what they do. My favorite part has been learning about them as a person,” she said.

Hearing stories from people who have been in the industry for dozens of years, seeing what success means to them, the steps they took to get there when they were her age, and understanding their commitment and discipline has been invaluable to Taylor.

"It helps you decide if what you learned in classroom is what you’d be doing in real life,” said Taylor.

“I think the Career Management Center did a great job as well preparing me,” said Taylor, who did informational interviews to learn more about what types of positions would be a good fit for her.

She is now leaning toward returning to finance, and her experience with the company culture at Arrow has guided her to pursue work in a larger organization.     

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