Make progress on All-University Core Curriculum while you complete your minor

Make Faster Progress

Two courses in the core Business Administration Minor curriculum also count toward All-University Core Curriculum requirements, giving you the power to meet basic graduation requirements while making progress toward your minor.

BUS 220 - Ethics in Contemporary Organizations

(Meets AUCC arts and humanities requirements)

A strong foundation in ethical principles and reasoning is important in every career path. Develop the skills necessary to manage a successful high-integrity business or organization. Once you complete BUS 220, you’ll be eligible to compete for a year of free in-state undergraduate tuition in the OtterBox Ethics Challenge held each fall semester.

FIN 200 - Personal Finance and Investing – 3 credits

(Meets AUCC quantitative reasoning requirements)

Start with the fundamentals of personal finance, including budgeting, investing and tax planning and expand your knowledge of individual finance life skills such as selecting employee benefits, purchasing insurance and avoiding identity theft.