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Data has quickly become central to every part of business. The need for skilled data professionals providing business and customer insights to shape strategy, direct product development and drive new customer acquisition has also increased. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the field of data sciences will grow by 31% from 2019-2029, meaning that there are more opportunities to put your marketing data analytics skills to use than ever.

The message is clear – data is the new language of business and employers are actively searching for professionals who can collect, structure, manage and translate data in a meaningful way.

Understanding analytics and what the data says isn’t just for specialized roles. For leaders influencing company growth, enhancing market reputation or predicting consumer behavior, data-driven decision making is essential. The analysis and management of data are key to gaining a deeper understanding of complex, integrated digital marketing and consumer strategies.

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From Information to Insights - Make Data Meaningful

Graduate students work together

In as little as two years, the Online MBA with Marketing Data Analytics specialization is designed to enrich your experience and understanding of broad business functions, enhance your skills in the industry’s foremost data collection tools, and provide a robust knowledge of the best practices and methodologies used to gather and interpret data to create valued insights.

You’ll acquire in-demand skills, expand your professional network, and gain the confidence to emerge as a leader in business. The Marketing Data Analytics specialization is designed to provide immediate application from your first month in the program – you won’t be waiting to become market relevant while you earn your degree. 

You’ll build on foundational digital marketing concepts and metrics associated with search engine marketing and optimization, as well as paid and organic approaches focused on building brands and increasing revenue. You’ll learn the in-demand skill of predictive analytics and advance your technical expertise with software like Excel, SPSS, SAS, and R. You’ll gain an understanding of how to apply and recognize analytical approaches to transform data into critical insights and change the way business gets done.

Putting data to use

Marketing data analytics exists at the intersection of data collection and business strategy. As business strategies, customer bases and markets change, companies turn to their data analysts to find the data needed to support critical decisions and ideas. When paired with research on market trends, competitors and customer preferences, data can offer a business a competitive advantage.

An MBA with an emphasis in Marketing Data Analytics prepares you for a career in a variety of roles. High profile industries ranging from healthcare and IT to finance and insurance have a clear need for these positions.

LEAD Award winner, Morgan Wilke and her family

Morgan Wilke, her husband and her children

"I was a stay-at-home mom when I started this program. During my second semester I decided I wanted to go back to work. I started applying and I got my first choice when I was 8 months pregnant and after I had not worked for almost 2 years. Being enrolled in the MBA-MDA helped me get my position." 

Morgan Wilke - Business Analyst, Comcast, 2020 LEAD Award Winner and Online MBA – Data Analytics graduate

CSU’s College of Business is a leader in online education

We’ve perfected our flexible online format so you can confidently commit to earning your MBA without hitting pause on your career or family life, and without sacrificing the quality of your degree. You’ll earn the same fully accredited degree as those earning their MBA on campus.

As a Marketing Data Analytics student, you’ll participate in classes on your own time through a range of online experiences, including our innovative lecture-capture that immerses you in the classroom with those on campus. We provide you flexibility in how you consume course material as some classes are recorded live in a classroom, offering you an “in-class” experience while watching them later. Other classes are recorded in a studio with the faculty and provided to you the next day. In some cases, you’ll have the option to watch your classes synchronously with your on-campus peers.

You will learn from world-class faculty and receive support from our instructional coordinators dedicated to each online course. Instructional coordinators are your day-to-day point of contact for each course, available to answer questions, provide assignment feedback, engage as learning coaches and more. Instructional coordinators come from across the globe, represent a wide range of industries, and have an average of 23 years of professional experience. All instructional coordinators have a master’s degree with several having a doctorate degree. 

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Current students and alumni can offer you insights into the Online MBA-Marketing Data Analytics program that you won’t find anywhere else. With Unibuddy, you can connect with students and learn more about what drew them to the College of Business, their experiences as a graduate business student and how to get the most out of your time at CSU.

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The Marketing Data Analytics program introduces you to innovative ideas and applications for data, and LinkedIn Learning helps you gain specialized proficiency in those concepts. Valued between $240 to $360 annually, College of Business students get free access to this online resource which offers more than 18,000 courses. Update your LinkedIn profile, connect with a network of valuable experiences and expand your professional credentials.

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Engage with Faculty, Explore the Latest Research

Data analytics is constantly evolving. Our faculty keep pace with changes in the field by finding creative ways to use data and remain at the forefront of researching how data is being applied in industries across the world. Their combined industry expertise with leading-edge research provide you with the best insights for practical application. 

Whether you’re exploring database concepts, diving into digital marketing or untangling the nuances of search engine marketing and optimization, real-world examples and case studies are at the core of each course in the Marketing Data Analytics program. 

"Marketers need to fundamentally appreciate that customers are human, they need vivid experiences, they value that."

Research Highlights In-Person Retailers’ Advantage Over E-Commerce

"As a marketing scholar, I knew that not all consumers would respond in a consistent manner to calorie labeling. Individual differences matter."

Calorie Labeling Mandates Impact Consumers Differently and Not as Policy Intended

“It’s an increasingly complex space for consumers. Their data are being pulled from a lot of sources of which they’re not even aware.”

Who Shapes the Debate Around Data Privacy?

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Two Start Dates 

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