Creating lasting change requires diverse perspectives

At the College of Business, we believe that sustainability must be woven into all courses. In the business world, authentic sustainable initiatives are multi-faceted and touch many departments, so we approach it the same way. Our Impact MBA contains 31 credits of business sustainability-focused curriculum at its core. Everyone in the program takes these core classes in person and as a cohort. You are learning not just from faculty, who are leaders in their fields, but also from your new network of like-minded professionals. The remaining 13 credits provide the freedom to customize your MBA to what best suits your passions and career goals. The curriculum is STEM designated emphasizing our intent to teach technical skills combined with options for scientific coursework.


The courses outlined in the PDF below reflect the 2022-2023 Impact MBA program of study. Course lists are updated with newly developed courses added every year. 

Impact MBA Courses

Common Schedule

The Impact MBA is a 16-month on campus program that allows you to choose elective courses or certificates that fit your career path. We've provided a recommended road map to give you a sense of what your time in the program might look like.

Impact MBA Roadmap (PDF)

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Co-Curricular Learning

In addition to studying with world-class faculty, the Impact MBA offers intentional co-curricular opportunities.

  • Sustainability reporting trainings such as GRI certification and the FSA credential
  • Career Strategy Sessions including specialized impact-oriented opportunities
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion workshops