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of companies reporting exposure to climate change risks - 2019 State of GreenBiz Report


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The Impact MBA, Corporate Sustainability track at CSU’s College of Business teaches the science behind sustainability and the analytical skills to drive change within an organization by presenting the business case for sustainability projects, linking profit and purpose.

In this interdisciplinary track, you’ll learn actionable ways to identify opportunities and develop the financial arguments for environmental projects – such as reducing carbon emissions or increasing efficiencies in the supply chain. Immersive and career-enhancing, this option builds on a wide variety of professional and academic backgrounds.

Course electives give you the latest specialized knowledge and skills in sustainable business, life cycle assessment accounting, climate change, and greenhouse gas management.

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Students visit a Fargreen center

“The trends reflect some of the untapped potential of sustainable business strategy: to go beyond cutting costs and reducing risks by fostering product innovation, new revenue streams and leading edge business models. ”

– 2019 State of GreenBiz Report

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Interdisciplinary perspectives

To address the most pressing challenges in your community, state or even around the world, you’ll need an interdisciplinary perspective. That’s why the Impact MBA’s Corporate Sustainability track engages experts in greenhouse gas accounting, water, climate change, and sustainability to teach and share best practices. This knowledge is then applied during your fellowship to create sustainability plans for organizations that can be implemented to create financial savings and environmental impact. 

Your electives for this track engage experts outside of the College of Business and across the Colorado State University campus. Those additional key CSU units involved include:

Global Environmental Sustainability Icon

School of Global Environmental Sustainability

With a mission of shaping a sustainable future, the school is actively involved in educating and equipping future leaders with the knowledge and tools to tackle sustainability challenges that have developed from human interactions with the environment.

Ecosystem Science and Sustainability Icon

Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability

A department within the Warner College of Natural Resources dedicated to understanding the world’s ecosystems and integrating the latest science to manage natural resources and biodiversity.

Environmental Ethics Icon

Philosophy Department

The leading experts in Environmental Ethics. A philosophy foundation will provide a framework for ongoing learning beyond your MBA. You’ll learn critical reading and analysis, complex and creative problem-solving, insightful questioning, integrative and “big picture” thinking and ethical decision-making.

CSU Water Center Icon

CSU Water Center

Engaged in addressing the most pressing water issues in Colorado and beyond, the Center provides cutting-edge research and education on water supply, water quality and ecological water relationships.

Summer Fellowship

After a year of coursework, you'll join an organization to either work on a team or as an individual to complete environmental projects and sustainability initiatives. During the fellowship, you'll gain professional experience in the field of sustainability and apply coursework and analytical skills to improve and develop sustainable projects.

While business skills are inherent with an MBA, the scientific understanding to lead sustainable projects is unique to the interdisciplinary courses you’ll take through your electives. 

The ultimate goal of the Impact MBA, Corporate Sustainability track is prepare you to have an impact within an organization, and help lead the way to a sustainable future.