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Unite your career path and your passion for social, environmental, and sustainable causes.

The Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA enables and supports your passion to make a difference. You’ll gain the hands-on experience and the business skills necessary to identify and create opportunities where the market falls short. This MBA teaches you how to build and manage global ventures that achieve sustainability with results focused on the triple bottom line of economic, social, and environmental performance.

The resulting entrepreneurial innovations can – and should – be used as powerful forces to solve the most complex global challenges of our time.

Make the most impact

For more than a decade, Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA students have learned to merge their business goals with their desire to nourish, empower and protect people. Many graduates continue growing the ventures created during the program or they join organizations doing their part and seeking ways to make the world a cleaner, safer place for all of us.

Short 3-semester MBA with big results

Three semesters may seem like a short time, but this extraordinary program takes grit and dedication.

Every semester, you’ll have an interdisciplinary course on social entrepreneurship. In addition, the venture creation process will be integrated into your courses covering the traditional business disciplines such as marketing, finance, and accounting. And, you’ll enhance your planning, leadership, and teamwork skills along the way.

The biggest difference between this MBA and others is we challenge you to do more than propose solutions from afar. The centerpiece of this program is a 40-60 day field study which is a unique opportunity to travel and experience the development of a new venture right in the middle of the population in most need of its creative solutions.

We’ll help you build the connections, gain the tools and join a team of passionate peers – an intimate cohort of 25 students from diverse national and international backgrounds – ready to use business and social entrepreneurship as a force for good.

The ventures you create and the innovative solutions you uncover may be pivotal in solving some of the world’s most complex challenges. 

You may qualify for in-state tuition if you are from the Western half of the United States.

Important Dates

Graduate students in eligible programs have the opportunity to earn a stipend in return for their w...

Courses for the Real World

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MGT 667 Global Social Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Global challenges—poverty, environmental degradation, public health, agriculture. Role of entrepreneurial management in private and public sector

MKT 601 Marketing for Social Sustainable Enterprises

Customer and stakeholder value creation and capture. Marketing strategy with emphasis on social sustainable organizations

MGT 665 Supply Chain Development and Management

This course teaches the development and management of the global supply chain that plans, sources, makes and delivers an organization's products

MGT 668 New Venture Development for Social Enterprise

Early stages of a new venture, including creation of business plan. Additional study of social entrepreneurship and sustainable business strategies

BUS 686 Practicum

Summer fieldwork involving research, implementation planning, and hands-on experience for student projects

FIN 669 Financing, Evaluating Sustainable Enterprise

Theoretical and applied approaches to the funding and evaluation of enterprises

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Learn by Doing

I’d never done in-depth interviews like that, and it was really cool sitting down and hearing their stories and challenges.

Researching energy needs in rural East Africa

MBA grads build legacy tackling global challenges


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