No matter your academic degree or experience, we can help you develop the knowledge and technical skills needed to succeed in this in-demand profession.

Colorado State University's Master of Computer Information Systems is a 33-credit program offered on campus and online that provides a challenging education for those with technical backgrounds, while also creating an inviting environment for those new to the field.AACSB Accredited

If you have a curiosity for information systems – no matter your academic degree or experience – we can help you develop the knowledge and technical skills needed to succeed in this in-demand profession. 

Program at a Glance
Delivery: Face to face or online (all classes are recorded for on-campus and online students to view)
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado, or anywhere
Length: Three semesters (full time) or up to five years (part time)
Start Dates: August and January
Schedule: Face-to-face: Classes two to five days a week, Monday-Friday
Online: self-paced lectures
Credits: 33 (27 core, 6 elective)
Degree awarded:

On diploma: Master of Computer Information Systems
On transcript: Master of Computer Information Systems, major in Computer Information Systems

Common Schedules

Here are some examples of common schedules. Once you're admitted to the program, your advising team will help you customize a schedule that fits your goals.

On-Campus Program

Online Program


The courses below reflect the 2017-2018 Colorado State University catalog, published in August 2017 for students enrolling during the 2017-2018 academic year. Courses listed are updated each summer for incoming students.

Core Courses
CIS 600
Information Technology and Project Management
CIS 601/MGT 601
Enterprise Computing and Systems Integration
CIS 605
Business Visual Application Development
CIS 606
Application Software Infrastructure
CIS 610
Software Development Methodology
CIS 611
Object-Oriented Systems
CIS 620
IT Communications Infrastructure
CIS 655
Business Database Systems
CIS 665
E-Business Application Technologies
Selected Courses
Select a minimum of two courses from the following:
BUS 690C
Contemporary Issues: Info Systems
CIS 570
Business Intelligence
CIS 575
Applied Data Mining and Analytics in Business
CIS 576
Business Data Visualization
CIS 623
CIS 670
Advanced IT Project Management
CIS 675
Agile Management and Product Development
CIS 676
Information Technology Management
CIS 695
Independent Study
Program Total Credits:

A minimum of 33 credits are required to complete this program.

This course listing is provided through the Colorado State University catalog and is updated each summer. New or modified courses offered for spring or summer may not be included, but you can find complete course information via the class schedule on RAMweb. Offerings are subject to change, and the University reserves the right to make changes in catalog information when necessary and to correct errors.