The Master of Accountancy provides a wealth of practical job-related knowledge and the in-depth topical coverage you need to successfully sit for the national Uniform CPA Examination.

Colorado State University's Master of Accountancy is a 30-credit program offered on campus that provides a wealth of practical job-related knowledge and the in-depth topical coverage you need to successfully sit for the national Uniform CPA Examination.AACSB Accredited

Our curriculum reflects the breadth of services performed by CPAs. You will learn the skills you need to land accounting and management positions in a wide range of business services, including public accounting, auditing, financial and tax planning, and consulting on information systems. 

In the program, you will be able to study general accountancy or specialize in one of three areas: taxation; data analytics and systems; and financial analysis, auditing, and reporting. These specializations let you focus your learning and prepare you to conduct targeted technical research and data analysis.

Throughout the program, you’ll work hand in hand with faculty and corporate, public accounting and nonprofit partners to find solutions to real-world business challenges. This experiential learning, combined with engaging classroom lectures, provides practical skills you can use on day one in your career. Mentoring, frequent guest speakers and regular interaction with advisory boards enhance the curriculum and provide valuable connections with industry experts.

Common Schedules

Here are some examples of common Master of Accountancy schedules. Once you're admitted, our advising team can help tailor your electives to fit your career path.

General Accountancy - No Specialization (PDF)
Taxation Specialization (PDF)
Data Analytics & Systems Specialization (PDF)
Financial Analysis, Auditing & Reporting Specialization (PDF)


The courses below reflect the 2021-2022 Colorado State University catalog, published in August 2021 for students enrolling during the 2021-2022 academic year. Courses listed are updated each summer for incoming students.

Required Core: 18 credits
ACT 540
Professional Ethics and Responsibilities
ACT 541
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Auditing
ACT 561
Legal and Regulatory Issues in Accounting
ACT 602
Accounting Research and Communication
ACT 610
Accounting Analytics
ACT 631
Corporate Taxation
Select 12 credits from the following:
ACT 537
Advanced Taxation of Business Entities
ACT 550
Accounting Information Technologies
ACT 570
Government and Nonprofit
ACT 575
Oil and Gas Accounting
ACT 612
Issues in Financial Reporting and Auditing
ACT 614
Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation
ACT 635
State and Local Taxation
ACT 639
Special Topics in Taxation
CIS 570
Business Intelligence
CIS 600A
Project Management: Information Technology
CIS 601/MGT 601
Enterprise Computing and Systems Integration
Program Total Credits:

A minimum of 30 credits are required to complete this program.

This course listing is provided through the Colorado State University catalog and is updated each summer. New or modified courses offered for spring or summer may not be included, but you can find complete course information via the class schedule on RAMweb. Offerings are subject to change and the University reserves the right to make changes in catalog information when necessary and to correct errors. Always consult with an academic advisor to stay informed of curriculum details.