Get ahead in marketing, and start your journey toward an MBA.

This nine-credit program provides a robust foundation in marketing. You’ll develop a deeper knowledge of strategy and planning, sales management, consumer behavior, service marketing, and market research.

You’ll learn how to execute basic marketing strategies in business, and you’ll study topics including value capture, product development, B2B sales strategies, and customer satisfaction.

Every credit earned applies toward CSU’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs, after formal admission per University transfer policies. Successful completion of the courses or certificate does not guarantee admission to the degree program.

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Certificate at a Glance
Delivery: Online
Length: Can be completed in 2-3 semesters
Tuition: $998 per credit for 2022-2023
Credits: 9
Certificate awarded:

Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management

‡Additional prerequisite coursework may be required.