Attain your academic goals while learning how to make a difference

The full-time Impact MBA and Master of Finance dual degree courses start by teaching fundamental business skills and how to identify sustainable innovations and opportunities within an existing corporation, and finish with finance methods, investing, reports and practices. Offsetting 15 credits, the dual degree may be earned in two years and totals 59 credits.

Students enrolled in this dual degree will be required to complete a 3-credit hour “Corporate Sustainability Fellowship” as a capstone experience.

GMAT/GRE waivers are available.

Program at a Glance
Delivery: Face to face
Location: Fort Collins, CO, plus 40-60 days in a summer fellowship
Length: Two years includes a summer fellowship
Start Dates: August
Schedule: Classes four to five days a week, Monday–Friday
Credits: 59
Degree awarded: On diploma: Master of Business Administration, Master of Finance
On transcript: Master of Business Administration, major in Business Administration with Impact specialization, Master of Finance

Prerequisite coursework

  • Calculus for Management Sciences: The calculus course should include differentiation and integration. If you have taken these courses in another country and your transcript does not translate the name of the math course as “calculus,” please provide an explanation in your application.
  • Statistics for Business Students: The statistics course should include an introduction to probability. Students following the recommended dual degree roadmap will not need this pre-req as they will take BUS 601 in their first semester.
  • Principles of Accounting: The accounting course should cover understanding financial statements to support financial and managerial business decision making.


Impact MBA & Master of Finance Road Map (PDF)


The courses outlined in the PDF below reflect the 2023-2024 Impact MBA and Master of Finance program. Courses listed are updated annually for incoming students.

Courses (PDF)