Better Together: Leading and Developing High-Performance Teams
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This course will introduce the participant to the importance of creating and empowering teams to fuel an organization’s success. Team dynamics, appropriate role assignments, and effective leadership are fundamentals of positive team
outcomes. Students will learn ways of leveraging their behavioral style as a team leader and to successfully lead diverse and cross-functional teams.

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Meet Your Instructor: Dr. Travis Maynard

Team Dynamics Instructor: Travis MaynardTravis Maynard teaches team effectiveness and leadership classes at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at CSU, where he has been nominated for a variety of teaching awards. In addition to teaching, Travis has also conducted extensive research in the areas of team effectiveness and leadership.

He is currently conducting research projects with the U.S. Army and NASA looking at team resilience and adaptation. He has received several research awards for his publications in premier journals.

Travis holds a BBA in Accounting from the College of William and Mary, an MBA from the University of Denver Daniels College of Business, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from the University of Connecticut.


Team Dynamics

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to maximize your team’s potential.
  • Leverage your team members’ roles for high team performance and understand how to match the right people to the right tasks.
  • Apply proven tools in communication, decision- making, and learning to strengthen your team’s motivation, alignment, and collaboration.
  • Empower yourself and your team by learning how to influence others.