Demystifying Financial Information and Informed Decision-Making
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Demystifying Financial Information and Informed Decision- Making teaches non-financial business executives and professionals to use financial information to make strategic contributions to their organizations. No matter what functional background you have, you’ll learn concepts around finance in a straightforward, easy-to-grasp manner, enabling you to use financial instruments to add value when your company makes growth and strategic allocation decisions.

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Meet Your Instructor: Dr. Frank Smith

Finance Instructor Dr. Frank SmithFrank Smith received his BSE from the Air Force Academy, MBA from Chapman University and Ph.D. from Texas Tech University. His research includes Exchange Traded Funds, Market Valuation, Market Efficiency and Options Financial Modeling. Frank has published sixteen articles in seven years as a professor. They include topics ranging from financial distress and bankruptcy to the efficiency of exchange traded funds versus mutual funds. He has won three separate awards both for teaching and research.

Having started and owned his own business, Frank brings real-world experience into the classroom. He has also performed consulting work for both regional banks and nationally recognized nonprofit organizations. He is proud of his two CFA Global Investment Challenge MidSouth Regional winning teams as well as the first- place award for the hybrid division for the student managed fund he developed and ran at his previous school. He is a husband and father of two, and enjoys road biking, golf and spending time with his family.


Finance Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand financial terminology and significance
  • Master the names and uses of various financial statements
  • Become confident with decision-making based on financial information
  • Learn calculations fundamental to business success
  • Read, interpret and appropriately respond to critical financial information
  • Make smarter decisions that deliver higher profitability
  • Understand financial risk analysis
  • Understand financial competence and career promotability