Fundamentals of Crisis Leadership and Preparation
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Effective leadership can help any organization survive – and even thrive – in adverse circumstances. Fundamentals of Crisis Leadership and Preparation is an opportunity to refine your leadership skills before extraordinary events test them. This course teaches essential ways to communicate and collaborate with every level of your organization during a crisis event.

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Meet Your Instructor: Dr. Mary J. Waller

Crisis Leadership instructor: Dr. Mary J. WallerMary J. Waller earned her BBA from the University of Oklahoma - Norman, her MS from the University of Colorado - Denver, and her Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. She serves as Senior Research Scholar at the College of Business, Colorado State University, and is Professor Emerita, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Before beginning her academic career, Mary worked in the petroleum, aviation, and software industries -- work that involved collaborating in teams facing critical situations. That experience helped motivate her program in team dynamics research, resulting in 30 years of research involving quantitative studies of flight crews, nuclear power crews, mine rescue teams, healthcare teams, harbor management teams, military and other teams, all working in simulated or actual crisis-laden situations. Her research has been published in numerous outlets including the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Management Science, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Group & Organization Management, British Medical Journal, and Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. She holds research and teaching awards across multiple universities, and has been awarded competitive research grants from the U.S. Army Research Institute, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and other government institutions. Mary served as an elected member of the Board of Governors of the Academy of Management, is an Associate Editor of Organizational Psychology Review, and serves as an active member of several international scholarly journals and organizations.

In her spare time, Mary enjoys hiking, learning German, and training Border Collies.


Crisis Leadership

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how different types of crises drive different types of responses
  • Learn how to assess your operation for crisis vulnerability
  • Develop a solid crisis management plan
  • Recognize how key stakeholders interpret what you say and do during a crisis
  • Prepare your crisis management team to act effectively during a crisis