Demonstrate your commitment to change with our DEI video series

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) 

The value of a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace is clear. Organizations that prioritize these values, attract loyal customers, improve their revenue and improve employee engagement. Learn how to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace through our DEI video series.

We’ve partnered with thought leaders and professionals to produce a video series that makes DEI concepts accessible and meaningful while creating a shared framework to bridge perceptions and offering steps on how to motivate change within your organization. The series is designed to provide your employees and leadership team with the ideas needed to create an organization that reflects your DEI values.

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The DEI video series

Across seven videos, you’ll learn concepts that are essential to creating an inclusive workplace, including:

Change at the individual contributor level

Connect with Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler, Chief Catalyst and Founder of The Equity Project, LLC, as you learn how to improve your DEI strategies, define diversity and its impact on your organization and how affinity groups can play a role in your DEI strategies.

Defining unconscious bias

Maureen Berkner Boyt, Founder & CEO The Moxie Exchange & Everyday Inclusion, invites you to explore unconscious bias and how it compares to reality. Throughout the video, you’ll complete a series of exercises that encourage you to identify and investigate your biases.

Examining social justice

Patrice Palmer, Assistant Dean of Social & Cultural Inclusion and Director of JEDI Initiatives at the CSU College of Business, offers you an introduction to social justice and the parts of it that are essential to creating change in your organization. Palmer concludes their presentation by looking at what’s next for social justice and how it can take shape in the field of business.

Fostering inclusiveness and the role of leadership

In this exploration of leadership, social identity and inclusion, Dr. Lynn Shore, Professor of Management at the CSU College of Business and Dr. Kyle Oldham, Director of Workplace Inclusion and Talent Management for CSU's Housing and Dining Services, connect you with activities and strategies that model inclusion at every level of your organization. You’ll develop an understanding of the difference between diversity and inclusion, investigate important research findings and learn how to become a leader in inclusiveness.

Harnessing the power of diversity

What does a commitment to DEI look like at your organization? Maureen Berkner Boyt walks you through the aspects of diversity and how it can lead to an improved sense of culture, lower turnover, raise profitability and much more.

Hiring and interviewing practices revisited

Join Joe Thurman, UB Ciminieri, Co-founders of Breaking the Bias, and Brenda Snyder for an examination of recruitment, interviewing and hiring processes. The course will help you identify the science of bias, teach you how to invest in people and provide new ways of evaluating candidates.

Institutionalizing diversity

Creating a diverse and inclusive organization takes team training, new management and social processes and a focus on crafting a workplace that is human-centered. Patrice Palmer introduces you to a variety of practical tools for diversity and explains how to develop new workplace systems.

Begin your commitment to change

Each video course is based on current research and offers practical strategies and competitive principles to make DEI a fundamental part of your organization. Extend your commitment to change by partnering with us to find effective ways to incorporate these lessons in your day-to-day operations.

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