Celebrate our Golden Anniversary by looking back – and ahead – with us.

Starting a business college in the 1960s was not an easy task. But amidst the social complexities of the decade that included a mistrust of big business, and at a time when business education meant little more than typing and transcription, Colorado State University wanted more for its business students.

Don Dobler on phone

First dean of the College of Business, Don Dobler

CSU founded the College of Business in January 1966 under the direction of the first dean of the college, Don Dobler. Dobler built the College of Business on a foundation fortified by his own vision that business, carried out with integrity and skill, is a force for good that can solve complex problems and change the world. He set the tone for how we do business today – in our teaching, in our research, and in our practice.

Today, the College of Business offers an exceptional education that’s all-encompassing, surrounding the students with great advising and mentoring, relevant and rigorous courses, and faculty and staff who really care about the students and are here to help them to succeed. We are the number one destination for first-generation students in the state.

We consistently set our sights on access, excellence, and impact. We provide access to an education to those who may not have had access to this point. Our impact is providing an education that is relevant. Our faculty do research that is relevant and informs business practice or public policy to make the lives of consumers better.

The College of Business is ranked as one of the top undergraduate and graduate business programs in the country – most recently No. 90 on Bloomberg Businessweek's rankings of public and private undergraduate business programs; No. 31 on the U.S. News & World Report rankings of part-time MBA programs. With very strong research productivity across its various disciplines, the College of Business is AACSB-accredited at the undergraduate and graduate levels and serves approximately 2,300 resident undergraduate business majors, 1,900 resident undergraduate business minors, and 360 resident graduate students enrolled in Professional MBA, Executive MBA, Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise MBA, Early Career MBA, Master of Accountancy, Master of Financial Risk Management, Master of Management Practice, and Master of Computer Information Systems. Additionally, the college is one of the early pioneers in distance delivered academic programs that serves approximately 1,500 distance graduate students enrolled in the Online Professional MBA and Master of Computer Information Systems programs.

Our students are solid people who have great values and aspirations. They are the kinds of people employers want to hire, and it shows in our job placement. The latest figures show 90 percent of our students get a job offer within 90 days of graduation.

The College of Business is the youngest college at CSU. Students attend and will continue to attend in the future because of the special things that we do here. Faculty will want to work here because they want to work for one of the best colleges of business in the country.

We hope you will join us throughout this historic year as we commemorate our legacy of making a difference in business and celebrate the start of our next 50 years.