Students are why we are here. Every student’s learning, personal growth and professional development are important to us.

We offer support in the classroom and beyond to make sure we are giving all business students the opportunities they need to realize their full potential as leaders ready to change the world for the better.

Scholarship recipients gather at a luncheonBecause it's our mission to transform lives and deliver a quality, affordable business education, we commemorated our 50th Anniversary by working with our loyal friends, alumni and donors to create more than 70 new scholarships for College of Business students. These scholarships are tied to three college initiatives: attracting elite scholars, mentoring and retaining diverse students and providing experiential learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

  • Business elite scholarships
    These scholarships are to attract students with the highest academic achievement. By sharing their intelligence, work ethic and innovative spirit, outstanding students raise Colorado State’s overall quality of education, research and service.
  • Business diversity and retention scholarships
    As part of its land-grant mission, Colorado State offers students a quality education for a reasonable price and is often cited as one of the best higher education values in the country. Even so, if not for scholarship support, many students from low-income households could not attend Colorado State. Granting these talented students access to higher education allows them to realize their dreams of achievement.
  • Business experiential learning scholarships
    These scholarships reduce the need for many students to work outside jobs so they may concentrate on their studies. By reducing college costs, scholarships also reduce student loan debt, giving new graduates more financial freedom as they embark on their careers.

Learn How You Can Help

The generosity of the College of Business community has brought us to where we are today, and it will take us to an even better place tomorrow. If you are interested in helping to set up or contribute to a scholarship, your support is greatly appreciated. Please contact us.

Nick Lobejko
Managing Director of Development