Improving access to quality, locally relevant management education for the developing world

At the College of Business, success is not only measured in dollars and cents. A truly successful business, we believe, has social consequences that positively impact, life, people, and communities. That’s why we’re proud to be a member of the Global Business School Network.

Since 2003, this alliance has worked to advance the growth of local management education throughout the developing world. The shortage of skilled local managers continues to impede progress in healthcare, agribusiness, education, job creation, and other sectors critical to improving living standards.

By fostering connections between top international business schools and developing world educators, GBSN hopes to create a pool of locally-trained managers who can help lift their communities out of poverty and into prosperity. 

For more information about the College’s collaboration with the Global School Network, contact Asad Aziz​ (Student and Faculty Communications).

Like GBSN, we believe business education can have a profound impact on the developing world and help communities prosper.

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