Richie Nelsen

Director of Information Technology, IT Services
Rockwell Hall, Rm. 31
(970) 492-4929
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As Director of Information Technology, I serve as part of the Dean’s Leadership Team and sit on the Executive Committee and Dean's Operating Committee where I provide necessary input on issues and topics involving IT operations or support and often present on IT strategy, projects and initiatives. I am responsible for providing a high level of IT strategy, service and support to students, faculty and staff in the College of Business, including clarifying strategic IT priorities and leading IT efforts in support of those priorities. In addition, I manage the operations and infrastructure used to support the unique Residential Instruction/Enterprise Program model utilized in the college.

In addition to my IT responsibilities, I also sit on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee addressing the need to welcome and honor people of all races, genders, creeds, cultures, and sexual orientations, while valuing intellectual curiosity and integrity. One goal of the committee is to “foster for its members recognition of their role as citizens in the global community with greater understanding of cultures and perspectives different from their own (CSU Diversity Statement).” The Committee also provides leadership and direction to the College of Business for implementation of diversity initiatives consistent with the university diversity plan.