Professional Vet-Med Students
Business Certificate

The College of Business offers a business certificate to students in the Professional Vet-Med program.  This certificate provides a foundation in business.

Course Requirements:


ACT205 – Fundamentals of Accounting
every fall semester

VM712/VS512 – Veterinary Practice Management
Time to be determined by Vet School
3rd year spring semester

MGT340 – Entrepreneurship in the Contemporary World
summer term every year
time to be determined by COB and Vet School

Plus three from the following list:

FIN305 – Fundamental of Finance
every spring semester
1st year spring semester, beginning spring 2002

MGT305 – Fundamentals of Management
every fall semester
2nd year fall semester, beginning fall 2003

BUS205 – Legal and Ethical Issues in Business
every spring semester
2nd year spring semester, beginning spring 2004

MKT305 – Fundamentals of Marketing
every fall semester
3rd year fall semester 
Certificate Registration

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